4. describe chapter 7 of lean startup. what does the author mean by

   **** The power point slide is attached to fill out***

•Use this slide (or create 1-4 additional slides) to explain LEAN STARTUP Chapter 7 and the concept of MEASURE.

•This is NOT a data dump, so do NOT fill these slides with an overload of data. Your job is to sift through what may seem like an infinite pool of data and facts (and opinions), and select the most critical information to succinctly answer the question.

• Think of it this way, you are summarizing this to demonstrate that you carefully reviewed the videos assigned this week and thought about this key question; and you are summarizing this for someone who has very little time to read your summary. 

So your summary must be succinct and you must get to the point (IMPORTANT: you must have a point – an intended message/insight). Your summary must be meaningful, thoughtful, and insightful – rather than simply a bunch of information 

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