Acc- exercise 13-9 dividends on common and cumulative preferred stock

Exercise 13-9 Dividends on common and cumulative preferred stock L.O. C2
Wade’s outstanding stock consists of 52,000 shares of cumulative 9.50% preferred stock with a $10 par value and also 130,000 shares of common stock with a $1 par value. During its first four years of operation, the corporation declared and paid the following total cash dividends.

2011 $ 40,000 
2012 43,025 
2013 91,900 
2014 134,400 

Determine the amount of dividends paid each year to each of the two classes of stockholders. (Leave no cells blank – be certain to enter “0” wherever required. Omit the “$” sign in your response.)

Preferred Common
2011 $ $ 
2012 $ $ 
2013 $ $ 
2014 $ $ 

Determine the total dividends paid to each class for the four years combined. (Omit the “$” sign in your response.)

Preferred Common
Total dividends for four years $ $ 

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