Analyzing essay

After reading “Is Google Making Us stupid” essay and write 4-5 pages essay. Please see the feedback on the essay.This is the link of the essay.

PIE Structure

 All essays need a captivating and engaging introductory paragraph. However, keep in mind that the main purpose of an introduction is to do exactly what it suggests: INTRODUCE! Since this essay is an analysis of another text, you will need to introduce the essay by providing its author and title (in quotation marks), plus a brief summary of the part/thread/idea you will be concentrating on; be sure to include the author’s stance or treatment of the issue. You are then going to transition into your own thesis, in which you need to take a stance yourself: Do you agree or disagree with the author’s stance and answer why? Avoid using the words “agree” or “disagree.” Rather, your thesis should be a direct response to the author’s stance. Your statement will show whether you agree or disagree. If you agree, explain why you agree. If you disagree, explain why you disagree.

I wrote Introduction and follow the introduction to write.

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