Article: a brief history of community economic development | PADM 530 – Politics, Strategies, and Initiatives of Community Economic Development | Liberty University


You will write two article reviews based on a designated article located in the Reading & Study folder of the corresponding module/week. Each review will summarize and critique the author’s position/conclusion in at least 500 words in APA format. Each Article Revied

Feed back from Professor

 The purpose of this assignment is to review the article of the week by summarizing the article and providing a critique of the article in light of the class texts and any other sources that you may find. The following thoughts may help.  What are the main points of the article?  What is the purpose of this article?  As for the critical analysis, the following questions may help.  Does this article align with your research (in this case, the Blakely and Leigh textbook, McDonald textbook, and the Bible)?  What are the strengths and weaknesses?  What did this article add to the literature?  And, how can it be expanded on by future researchers?  Also, the Biblical worldview is to be included.  -15 points late submission 

A Brief History of Community Economic Development

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