Asap case study needed | Marketing homework help

Read Attached case study. Answer questions, about a paragraph each question


1. Describe how MinuteClinic puts the following promotion


strategies to work for them: stressing tangible


cues, using personal information sources, creating a


strong organizational image, and engaging in postpurchase


communication. What else could they try?


2. Are MinuteClinic’s services customized or standardized


for patients? Do they incorporate any elements of


mass customization?


3. In what way did MinuteClinic demonstrate reliability


and responsiveness during the flu outbreak


in Minnesota? How did it impress customers with


tangible physical evidence that the clinics cared about




4. How important has MinuteClinic’s place (distribution)


strategy been to the company’s success? Which elements


does MinuteClinic focus on with its marketing


mix? Why?



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