Auditing course case analysis | Accounting homework help

Need someone really know about Auditing please!!!


  • 1.Read the article in below attachment, and answer the questions in a paper format. Read below requirements before your writing!
  • 2. Not to list the answers, and you should write as a paper format . You answer should NOT be a list. you must answer in the form of a cohesive analysis (do not simply answer the question). In addition to these questions, for the case you should identify the relevant authoritative auditing guidance, including AS/AU Section.
  • 3. Your thoughts and answers should be integrated to illustrate how they relate together.
  • 4. It should have a introduction, body and conclusion. (intros and conclusion. are summaries of thoughts expressed in the body, not summaries the given article!).
  • 5. All sources of information should be properly cited!!!You must incorporate the relative authoritative guidance. Relevant authoritative guidance is not limited to only PCAOB Auditing standards. You can include PCAOB Staff Audit Practice  Alerts, AICPA AU-C guidance, COSO framework, IAASB’ ISA (International Standards on Auditing), etc. At least 1 citation from the relative authoritative or relevant concept. If you copy and paste or quote something there should be an explanation as to why you feel that information is relevant and necessary to your analysis.
  • 6. The case analysis should total 3 pages (12-point font and double spaced), MLA format.
  • 7. Grammar counts (proper tense, spelling, sentence structure, etc.). Please check the grammar all the time!!!
  • 8. The paper due sep 23 Sunday midnight!
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