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Philosophy of Special Education






Purpose for Special Education

            The reason of special education is to enable me to develop successfully to the fullest potential by providing a free appropriate public education in compliance  with my Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as implemented by DoD Instruction 1342.12, “Provision of Early Intervention and Special Education Services to Eligible DOD Dependents.”

            According to me special education programs is geared towards equipping life skills, such as personality hygiene,dressing,safety,handling of my money and day to day decision making. This program also educates me on workplace expectations. This program provides me with workplace training. The program is very essential to me as it makes one to enjoy a degree of self-sufficiency.

Nature of learning

            Language programs must have the support of principals, teachers, parents, and the community. School staff should understand that mother tongue instruction provides the groundwork for achieving high levels of English proficiency (Golden, 2012) Early intervention indicates that additional instructional services provided at the beginning of students’ schooling, and that they are intense enough to bring at-risk students quickly to a level at which they can profit from high-quality classroom instruction (Wright & Wright, 2007)


            Clinical education is carefully sequenced. First, teachers teach skills, subjects, or concepts; finally, they use informal assessment strategies to identify the possible causes of failure (Brue & Wilmshurst, 2010). All too often, these encounters remain unrecognized or underestimate as dominant mainstream discourses stifle students’ cultural capital .An ethnographic investigation conducted inside and outside of schools reveals rich language and literacy practices that often go unnoticed in classrooms (Brue & Wilmshurst, 2010)


According to (Brue & Wilmshurst, 2010) a high School Curriculum is an essential element to my education. It helps me to build a solid educational foundation from an early age by looking through the School Curriculum products. I identify educational and fun products for Math, Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. This program provides me with advanced study in Special Education. It prepares me as a professional in education to more adequately serve students with disabilities in schools, community agencies, and mental health facilities.

            Program standards used are the superior content standards utilized by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) in partnership with the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Special education classes give a unique service to physically or mentally challenged students. The ideal special education classroom provides quality instruction to students with disabilities. Forming small groups of two or three students within the class grouped according to their level can help with personalizing the teaching while not sacrificing class instruction time. For example, in math class, one group could be working on the basics while a more advanced group could be working on their geometry skills (Wright & Wright, 2007).



Instructional Methods

            According to (Brue & Wilmshurst, 2010) for one to be an effective teacher, it requires many tools, most of which are through trial and error. Many resources are available to help teachers planning lessons, manage classroom environments, and develop high-quality instruction for students with special needs. Effective teaching strategies should be included while working with special needs students. Two terms that i encountered are accommodation and modification. Accommodation is a device, material, or support process that enables students to finish a task more efficiently. Modification refers to change or decrease in the course content or outcome (Wright & Wright, 2007).

Classroom management

            Classroom management is the way i arrange my class. I must think about every aspect of the lesson, routines, procedures, a multitude of interactions and the discipline in the classroom. The more i think it out beforehand, the easier it will be for me when something unplanned happens which it always does, since I am dealing with so many different personalities. I have to find several tips and tricks on how to run an orderly classroom in Classroom Management (Golden, 2012).

            A school has to provide a school-wide behavior plan or one may need to create one for his or her classroom. There are many available, and some will fit better than others, but, the best plans teach discipline, instead of just punishing or persuading. Classroom management begins months before my students step into the classroom. Experienced teachers end each year resolving their classroom management strategies from the previous school year.


Assessment Practices and Evaluation

             Assessment and evaluation is a problem-solving process (Golden, 2012)that involves many ways of collecting information about the student. According to (Wright & Wright, 2007) assessment is a process that involves the systematic collection and interpretation of a wide variety of information on which to base instructional or intervention decisions and, when appropriate, classification and placement decisions. Assessment is primarily a problem-solving process.

Professional relationships with family and community

            Schools, parents, and the community should work together to promote the health, well-being, and learning of all students. When schools actively involve parents and engage community resources, they can respond more effectively to the health-related needs of students. Family and community involvements foster partnerships among schools, family and community groups, and individuals. These connections result in sharing and maximizing resources. And they help children and youth develop healthy behaviors and promote healthy families.

Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Family and Community Involvement .This foundation has a Web site that has information, resources and tools to help empower families, communities and schools to work in partnership with one another. Communication built on inadequate information, assumptions or stereotypes can create distance between schools, parents, and students. If handled in the right way, however, school-family communication provides an opportunity to live out the values of togetherness, which are at the heart of anti-bias education  (Wright & Wright, 2007).



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