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1.You have been hired as a consultant for a global renewable energy company RenewEnerg, headquartered in Sweden, which believes there is potential for an outright purchase of a large wind turbine manufacturing company in Canada. Because of your knowledge of Canada, you have been asked to provide a report on the Canadian business environment that would include overviews of Canada’s economic system and the role of government in conducting business in Canada. In addition to the overview, it should specifically outline how these compare to Sweden. The report will serve to inform the company’s decision to invest in the country, so should be insightful and provide detailed references.

2. After having spent 11 years working for a large Canadian bank as an account officer in downtown Vancouver, you have decided to pursue your lifelong dream of opening your own business with your sister (also tired of the corporate rat race). As avid outdoorspeople, you and your sister seek to establish a whale watching tour company of the shores of Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. You have the opportunity to apply for seed funding through a local government initiative but you must first complete a 1-2 page elevator speech that addresses the following questions: What ethical concerns should you consider in the establishment of your business? What form of business ownership do you propose and why? Why do you feel you have what it takes to be successful entrepreneurs?

3.Your family run business, Seafood Treats, has been manufacturing high quality fish products and dried feline foods in Halifax, NS since 1974. With the recent retirement of your father, you have been appointed as CEO and while you worked in the business, it was only for a few years while you attended university for your BBA degree. Within weeks of assuming the lead role, you decide that the increased competitive pressure in the industry necessitates a complete restructuring. Presently, your 180 line workers are unionized and they are worried about job losses and your lack of business experience. You are now tasked with preparing a 1-2 page brief to stakeholders on your decisions. The provincial government, due to a recent loan, presently maintains an equity stake of approximately 15% of the company’s shares which complicates things because you need their approval to make any substantial changes to structure or job cuts. The brief outlines what management structure would you propose and why, how you would maximize efficiency in the company’s production, how you would motivate employees during and after the change, and the key points to consider in the change to the new structure.

4.You have been hired by Tesla to develop a new marketing plan that includes not only the key elements of the marketing mix, but also how you would implement them. You are asked to present your 1-2 page Executive Summary to the Senior Executive team. 

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