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On May 3, 2006, a data analyst at Veterans Affairs had his computer equipment stolen from his home in Montgomery County, Maryland. The analyst’s hard drive contained unencrypted information on 26.5 million people. The unencrypted data included:

  • Names
  • Social Security numbers
  • Dates of birth
  • Disability ratings

The majority of data was tied to veterans and their spouses. The analyst reported the crime to the Maryland police and his supervisors at Veterans Affairs. The supervisors did not report the theft to the Veterans Affairs’ Secretary until May 16. On May 17, 2006, the FBI was informed of the breach and began working with local police to investigate the crime.

Police eventually recovered the stolen laptop and hard drive. The FBI performed a forensic examination on the computer equipment and reported that no data had been compromised.

Case Questions

For this assignment, you will submit a voice-over PowerPoint presentation. The presentation should include an introduction, conclusion, and reference slides. In addition, the presentation should include 5 to 7 slides of content based on supplemental research using scholarly resources. At a minimum, your presentation should answer the following questions. In addition, you should address two to three additional concepts based on your research. Site all references using APA formatting.

  1. What are the federal requirements today to protect personal information and respond to data breaches?
  2. What were some of the information security and privacy issues making VA and its assets more susceptible to attacks?
  3. What progress has VA made in implementing improved security and privacy controls since 2006?
  4. What role could leadership have played to minimize organizational risk and impact?

Assignment Submission

  • Draft a PPT with 5 to 7 content slides and recorded narration (The presentation should include an introduction, conclusion, and reference slides.)
  • Utilize at least three (3) cited outside sources, using APA citation format
  • Submit your completed assignment to Canvas

View RubricAssignment RubricAssignment RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsContent Qualityview longer description15 ptsFull MarksApply knowledge from coursework and/or outside resources in a manner that is coherent, thorough, and relevant to the topic. Clearly explain your argument/point. Provide evidence to support your argument/point.0 ptsIncomplete/not demonstrated/ 15 ptsOrganization and Presentationview longer description3 ptsFull MarksFollow basic rules of strong presentation skills, including a clear agenda, logical organization and transitions, clear and appealing slides, and recap of main points.0 ptsIncomplete/not demonstrated/ 3 ptsCitations and Spellingview longer description2 ptsFull MarksUse Proper APA formatting when citing your sources. Base your ideas on research or theory. When you use someone’s words exactly, quote, and cite. Check your document for proper grammar, formatting, and spelling.0 ptsIncomplete/not demonstrated/ 2 ptsTotal Points: 0 

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