Chm/110 chm110 week 2 individual assignment – text exercises, part i

CHM/110 CHM110 Week 2 Individual Assignment – Text Exercises, Part I – A+ paper from A+ rated tutor!

CHM/110 CHM 110 CHM110 Introductory Chemistry

College of Natural Sciences

Version 3

University of Phoenix

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Ch.1: Ex. 20

A chemist decomposes several samples of water into hydrogen and oxygen and weighs (or more correctly “measures the mass of”) the hydrogen and the oxygen obtained. The results are as follows:

Sample Number

Grams of Hydrogen

Grams of Oxygen










Ch.4: Ex. 120

Neutron stars are believed to be composed of solid nuclear matter, primarily neutrons.

  1. If the radius of a neutron is 1.0 × 10–13 cm, calculate the density of a neutron in g/cm3.

Ch.5: Ex. 100

Molecules can be as small as a few atoms or as large as thousands of atoms. In 1962, Max F. Perutz and John C. Kendrew were awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery of the structure of hemoglobin, a very large molecule that transports oxygen from the lungs to cells through the bloodstream. The chemical formula of hemoglobin is C2952H4664O832N812S8Fe4. Calculate the formula mass of hemoglobin.

Max Perutz and John C. Kendrew won a Nobel Prize in 1962 for determining the structure of hemoglobin by X-ray diffraction.

Computer generated model of hemoglobin.

Ch. 7: Ex. 116

Precipitation reactions often produce brilliant colors. Look at the photographs of each of the following precipitation reactions and write molecular, complete ionic, and net ionic equations for each one.


(a) The precipitation reaction that occurs when aqueous iron(III) nitrate is added to aqueous sodium hydroxide.



Text Exercises,

Part I

Resources: Equation Editor tutorial

Prepare written answers to the following assignments from Introductory Chemistry; the student should select any 4 problems, but 2 must be from the first four marked in red and the other 2 from the last 3 marked in blue. 


·         Exercise 20 in Ch. 1

·         Exercise 112 in Ch. 3

·         Exercise 120 in Ch. 4

·         Exercise 100 in Ch. 5

·         Exercise 126 in Ch. 6

·         Exercise 116 in Ch. 7

·         Exercise 100 in Ch. 8


Submit the assignment into the assignments tab.   As a note – start early on these and ask questions early if you need assistance. 

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