Cis101 – navigating a digital world

 Assignment 2: Making Time to Achieve Your Goals Due: Week 7 Points: 120 Skill(s) Being Assessed: Technology, Productivity What to submit/deliverables: Word document downloaded from Chapter 7 of the webtext (submitted in Blackboard – Week 7). Note: You will need to finish all assignment templates in Chapter 7 of the webtext before you are able to download your complete assignment. What is the value of doing this assignment? Students often have busy lives, with many goals to accomplish, responsibilities to juggle, and tasks to complete each day. Organizing and planning your time makes a big difference in being productive and meeting deadlines. Using organization strategies and digital tools, such as online calendars, allows you to access your schedule and make changes easily—no matter where you are! Your goal for this assignment is to: Use digital tools and techniques to effectively balance timelines and priorities. Steps to complete: In Week 7, complete and submit your assignment in Blackboard using the following steps: Part 1 – Organize: You will complete the following steps using the instructions in your webtext, Section 7.6: Assignment: Assignment 2 Part 1 – Organize. ● Step 1: Time Management Calculator. ● Step 2: Task List. ● Step 3: Time Estimates. Part 2 – Plan: You will complete the following steps using the instructions in your webtext, Section 7.7 Assignment: Assignment 2 Part 2 – Plan. ● Step 1: Prioritize Your Tasks. ● Step 2: Organize and Upload Your Calendar. (Note: You will upload your calendar screenshot to the webtext, Section 7.7.) ● Step 3: Download your completed assignment from Section 7.7 of the webtext. ○ You must finish all assignment templates (Chapter 7) before you are able to download your complete assignment. ○ Your assignment download from the webtext will be a Word document—available after you complete the last template for Assignment 2 in the webtext. Part 3: Navigate to Blackboard (Week 7 – SUBMIT section), upload your Word document, and 

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