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For this assignment, watch the film in module resource link 

1. 18 minutes in, the narrator has an interview with Jay Rushton, a psychologist who still argues that there is a biological hierarchy in intelligence. Using your knowledge from this week, our week on the human brain, and the article “Why Genes Don’t Count (For Racial Differences in Health), explain why he is wrong. (His arguments suggest that you can identify race from skeletons and DNA, and that white and east Asian women produce larger brained babies). Why is brain size not relevant?

2. Discuss how modernization is impacting “intelligence” across the world using the information presented in the film Race and Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo. 

Assignment should reflect all style requirements listed in the syllabus and include your references in APA style.

Requirement of assignment:

Question1: Paper addresses Rushton’s arguments with proper evidence and examples to support their points.

Question2: Paper explain the impact of modernization based on the film as required.

Style: Paper follows all style requirements listed in the syllabus.


1. Human Variation: Race & Skin Color. See files.

2. Human Variation: Body Size & Infectious Disease Power point. See files. 

3. Required film Race and Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo


4.  Human Variation: Race & Skin Color video lecture 


5. Human Variation: Body Size & Infectious Disease video lecture 



1. Race and Intelligence Reflection: This assignment is a scholarly and researched response to Jay Rushton’s racist arguments in the film provided this week. Your response MUST use the resources for the week and in the last several weeks in order to argue against Rushton’s claims about race and intelligence. Use the last 15 minutes of the film for the modernization discussion. There is no length requirement as long as you clearly answer and support with examples. Paper should be properly formatted based on syllabus requirements.

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