Crj 615 week 3 assignment holistic victim restitution plan outline


This week’s required readings discuss intimate partner abuse and the residual effects of victimization. Looking ahead to your Holistic Victim Restitution Plan due in Week Six, develop an outline highlighting the major points of your review; this outline can be used in the construction of the body of your Final Paper. As with all well-researched and organized writing, you must begin your outline with an introduction and end your outline with a conclusion. In your outline, you must

Provide the reader with a clear direction of your paper in your introduction by presenting the major topics in the order that you will discuss them within the body of your paper. 

Include a topic sentence (thesis statement) that contains the major ideas of your paper in your introduction.

Include at least five major ideas that address the needs of victims of crime that you plan to use in your Holistic Victim Restitution Plan, with brief (one to two sentences) explanations for each. 

Identify how you will analyze the rise of victimology.

Identify how you will evaluate empirical data regarding crime victims.

Identify how you will explain the victim’s contribution to crime. 

Identify how you will critique the criminal justice system’s response to victimization. 

Identify your approach to creating a holistic plan for victim restitution. 

Summarize what has been discussed in your conclusion (this also provides a final opportunity for you to support your position). 

The Holistic Victim Restitution Plan Outline Must be two double-spaced pages in length

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