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 Respond in a paragraph the discussion board. In your response, do not just agree or disagree, tell the reason for your response. Your response must be at least 100 words.  Each answer separately.

Peer 1

Grisel Cabrera

The main idea of the lecture is the use of technology in education and the different types of technology tools that we can use, such as mobile devices, computers, software and how they can be used in instruction. Another idea is the importance of educators to keep themselves informed and able to use technological advances in the classroom, not only to be able to use computers, tablets, and phones, but also digital books, interactive whiteboards, and projectors. The lecture also covers data storage devices, such as external hard drives, flash drives, and storage cards and the importance of keeping information safe. Also, as educators, we must be knowledgeable of the pros and cons of using technology for instruction and always use it as a tool. Regarding that, we should also look at their cost, maintenance, and usefulness of each trying to always select the ones that will be more useful meeting the lesson objectives but at the same time that the price and maintenance is within a budget. Also important is the internet connection, its safety, and the use of it during instruction.  Teachers must be also knowledgeable of school and district policies of online activity. “We know many ways in how technology can support learning. “When these contributions are combined to tackle learning needs and interests of individual students, technology seems to make the greatest difference.” (Roblyer and Hughes, 2019, p 92).
Lecture 3 Power Point
Roblyer, M. D. and Hughes, Joan E. 2019. Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching:
Transforming Learning Across Disciples. Pearson. 8th Ed. Kindle Version.

Peer 2

Julio Victores
Digital Tools in Today’s Classroom

Digital tools in the classroom have become standard from desktop computers to tablets to interactive whiteboards, video collaboration, printers, scanners, and mobile devices.  Educators need to be up to date with technology; these tools are in constant evolution.  Technological changes are always advancing and changing, and the functions of these devices have become blurred, many of these devices can do the same things.  For example, the traditional desktop can be used to surf the WEB or to use a spreadsheet or wordprocessor; mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones can also do the same functions.  However, costs can vary widely between devices or platforms and have advantages and disadvantages in pricing, functionality, and portability. Teachers must figure out how to used and incorporate these tools into their teaching practices to enhance educational strategies. A critical aspect of technology is its management that may include repairs, upgrades, virus and malware protection, and emergency recovery, and backups.  Managing and leveraging technology can make significant changes in the classroom to increase teaching efficiency and enhance student learning. 

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