Discussion questions – organization theory

 1_Rewards are created to motivate individuals in the workplace (McShane, 2013).  That said, do you feel that individuals should be rewarded for doing their job? When does one proceed to reward someone in the workplace? As a manager, what are some of the factors that must be considered when giving “rewards” to an employee? (week6/q1)

 2_After reading about Herzberg’s Motivator-Hygiene Theory, does the use of standardized scales reflect a true indication of job satisfaction? Are job factor scales based truly on motivation and hygiene factors or are there other factors that may influence behavior? (week6/q2)

 3_After reading about Job Specialization pages 176-177 reflect on the following question:

The benefit of job specialization is that it improves work efficiency.  That said, what are some of the drawbacks to subdividing a job into separate jobs among several people?

Use an example from your workplace experience to illustrate your perspective. (week6/q3)

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