Draft letter: negative message with positive emphasis

Background: Go back to the “Globe Airlines” case and review it. In particular, review the criteria for the reply to Lyn Smith set out by your immediate supervisor Rita Simmons. Ms. Simmons has now told you that you cannot offer the E-TUVs to the customers. 

Assignment: Prepare a draft letter to Lyn Smith, in which you attempt to refuse her specific requests while doing everything you can (within the criteria/limitations you are working under) to persuade her to return to Globe as a customer in future. Forward your draft letter to your supervisor, Rita Simmons, as an attachment to a short transmittal memorandum, in which you submit your draft letter to her for review, give a very brief explanation of your approach, and ask her for comment and approval to proceed to send the letter to the customer. Resources: Locker/Findlay Chapters 7 and 8; 

Assignment Case: “Globe”; Units 4 and 5 Lecture notes; your own Diagnostic Essay, previously submitted and returned with comments Primary Audience for 

Assignment #2: Lyn Smith (for the draft letter); Rita Simmons (for transmittal and draft letter) 

Assignment Format: Draft letter – Globe to Lyn Smith, appended to a transmittal memorandum (you to Rita Simmons) 

Word Count: up to 1000 words for draft letter and transmittal memorandum 

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