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Title Page  Education and Technology

Introduction: This brief section will be an overview of the topic

Online Options: This section will discuss what online learning options your district offers students? How long has this program been in place, and how has it developed over time? What do students say about the course offered online? What do teachers say?

Blended Learning: This section will discuss if there are any blended learning programs in your district? What do students think of the mixture of approaches, and how do they say it compares with other classes they have taken?

Virtual Programs: This section will discuss if your state or district offers a full-time virtual learning program or cyber charters? If so, how many students are enrolled, and how has the online learning option affected the policy and practices of the physical schools?

Learning Tools: This section will discuss if there are any teachers in your schools using open-source educational resources, for example, the videos available on Khan Academy to supplement their classroom lessons? What do teachers in your district think of the quality of these new potential tools?

Flipped Learning: This section will discuss if any of the schools in your district have tried “flipped learning”? If so, how did this option affect teaching and student learning?


References: 5 scholarly references minimum

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