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Emergency Preparedness 

First, review the pdf file StartTriage & the StartTriage Algorithm to learn how first responders complete a rapid triage assessment in a mass-casualty event.

NOTE; the two document startTriage and startTriage algorithm is uploaded down below. Then you answer these 4 questions

Complete the following on a separate word document. 

1. Identify each level of triaged patient in a mass casualty event (4) and then give an example of each. You may use the StartTriage resources to create your patient scenarios. KEEP IT SIMPLE!

2. Identify the 3 most likely disaster events that could impact your household

3. Create an evacuation plan for the members of your household for these disasters. When would you evacuate? When would you shelter in place? Where would you go? How would you get there? What if not all members of the household were at home when the time came to evacuate? What would be the communication protocol in this situation?

4. Make a list of the items that you would place in a 3-day disaster kit for your household. Use the CDC or Red Cross website to find recommendations for items to include. Are there any special items not suggested by the CDC or Red Cross that you would include for yourself or another family member? Why?

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