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 Watch the videos in which I solve problems 2-14, 2-17, 2-21 and 2-22 from the text, here https://video.emporia.edu/media/Problems_2-14_2-17_2-21_2-22_A/1_r1uqel1p . Answer the questions posed in the table below. Use an Excel spreadsheet to create the table and answer all questions. This assignment is due by the end of the day (23:59 CST) January 31st. 


The Problem:

A manufacturer produces multi-colored candies for sale during the holidays. You will need to generate the numbers of each candy color produced over the last five holiday seasons. Use the random number generator at this address [https://passwordsgenerator.net/ (Links to an external site.)]. Deselect all boxes except INCLUDE NUMBERS and select a PASSWORD length of 6. Generate a different six-digit number for each color of candy (RED, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE and PURPLE). Enter the numbers in the PRODUCED column.

In your table, calculate the total number of candies produced, the probability [P(x)] for each color and sum all columns using Excel formulas. Then answer the following questions (round to three decimals [e.g., 0.250]):

  • If an inspector were to randomly select a candy from a bin during a quality control review, what is the probability that she would select an orange candy?
  • What is the probability that she would select a blue candy or a red candy?
  • What is the probability that she would NOT select a green candy?

Color            Produced          Probability P(X)

Red              RRRRRR       

Blue             BBBBBB

Green          GGGGGG

Orange        OOOOOO

Purple          PPPPPP


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