External and internal analysis of biotech


In this project, you will complete an external and internal analysis of Biotech.  You will research the cosmetic industry and use the Company Profile to complete the project.  

Skill Building: 

You are also completing this project to help develop critical thinking and assessing the external and internal business environment. 

Skills:  Research, Critical Thinking, Writing 

Outcome Met by Completing This Assignment 

  • employ effective planning processes to develop strategies, goals, and objectives in order to enhance performance and sustainability


The new Executive Director for the new Asia Division, has been asked by Max Barney to put together, and present to him, a business unit strategy that will be a guide for the next year as the new division moves forward.  The Executive Director will be working with the consulting group over the next 5 weeks and they will assist with putting together this plan to be laid out as follows and developed in three phases.  In the first phase, Section II and Section III will be completed.  

Section I – Executive Summary

Section II – Goals and Objectives

Section III – Competitive Analysis

Section IV – Description of Organizational Structure and Culture

Section V – Breakdown of Product and Services

Section VI – Communications Plan

Section VII – Human Resources Plan 

A Business Unit Strategy will provide the organization an opportunity to explain the goals and objectives of the new division and help with the development of the strategy to achieve them.  The plan will allow the company to gain insight into the current status of the industry it is venturing into using internal and external analysis tools, and then use this analysis to design its division’s business environment.  In addition, the plan will be used to form the team that will bring the vision for this division to reality. 

Phase I 

This week the group from GoTo Consulting has been tasked with conducting internal and external analysis of the cosmetics industry, and Biotech’s future in the industry; as well as developing the business strategy for Biotech as they move forward.  You will need the Biotech Company Profile to complete the analysis. 

This week the group from GoTo Consulting has been tasked with conducting internal and external analysis of the cosmetics industry, and Biotech’s future in the industry; as well as developing the business strategy for Biotech as they move forward.  You have been tasked with conducting a SWOT Analysis of Biotech and the cosmetic industry; a PESTLE analysis using the location the group identified during Week 2 (you must use the location identified in week 2) for the new offices; and a Porter Five Forces analysis for the industry.  The group lead has requested that the analysis tools be accompanied with explanations that will breakdown the results of each analytical tools discoveries. With the results of this analysis, Biotech leadership should be able to make critical decisions on the types of products (and their corresponding ingredients) they will use during their initial product line launch.

In addition to the internal and external analysis, you have been tasked with identifying five (5) major business goals that Biotech should initially be focused on as they venture into the cosmetics industry.  These goals should begin to define the entry strategy that the organization should follow as it tackles moving into an industry new to the organization.  These goals should be robust but also attainable.  Having clear attainable goals is great, but the goals also need to have clearly defined objectives that will measure the progress to achieve these goals.  Meeting these objectives should result in the future success of their corresponding goals.  When writing these objectives, ensure they can clearly be related to the 5 goals established as critical during entry into the cosmetics industry. 

Instructions for Completing Phase I of the Business Unit Strategy 

Step 1:  Write an Introduction paragraph 

The Introduction paragraph is the first paragraph of the paper and will be used to describe to the reader the intent of the paper.  This intent should be understood prior to reading the remainder of the paper so the reader will understand the intent of the information. 

Step 2:  Answer the Following 

To conduct the analysis, use grading rubric to ensure specific information is included. 

  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis of Biotech and the cosmetic industry;
  • Conduct a PESTLE Analysis of the cosmetic industry;
  • Conduct a Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  • You will provide explanations for the results of each of the three analyses using research and the course material.  The analysis will provided specific details – generalizations are unacceptable.
  • Identify the 5 major goals the Business Unit Strategy should look to attain, with explanations as to the importance of each goal and why the goals are relevant to the Business Unit;
  • Identify a minimum of three objectives (per goal) necessary to accomplish each goal.  Explain why the objective fits the goal.

Step 3:  Review the Paper 

Read the paper to ensure all required elements are present.  Use the grading rubric to ensure that you gain the most points possible for this assignment.  

Proofread the paper for spelling and grammatical issues, and third person writing.  

  • Read the paper aloud as a first measure;
  • Use the spell and grammar check in Word as a second measure;
  • Have someone who has excellent English skills to proof the paper;
  • Consider submitting the memo to the Effective Writing Center (EWC).  The EWC will provide 4-6 areas that may need improvement.

Step 4:  Submit the paper in the Assignment Folder (The assignment submitted to the Assignment Folder will be considered the student’s final product and therefore ready for grading by the instructor.  It is incumbent upon the student to verify the assignment is the correct submission.  No exceptions will be considered by the instructor).

How to Set Up the Paper 

Create a Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) document that is single-spaced, with double spaces between paragraphs.  Use 12-point font.  The final product will be 4-5 pages in length excluding the title page and reference page.  Write clearly and concisely. 

Completing the Project 

In order to complete this project, you will want to first read the module, Learn How to Support What You Write, as this assignment requires you to use the course readings and research to support what you write.  Also, 

  • Read the grading rubric for the project.  Use the grading rubric while completing the project to ensure all requirements are met that will lead to the highest possible grade.  
  • Third person writing is required.  Third person means that there are no words such as “I, me, my, we, or us” (first person writing), nor is there use of “you or your” (second person writing).  If uncertain how to write in the third person, view this link:  http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/first-second-and-third-person
  • Contractions are not used in business writing, so do not use them.  
  • Paraphrase and do not use direct quotation marks.  Paraphrase means you do not use more than four consecutive words from a source document, but puts a passage from a source document into your own words and attribute the passage to the source document.  Not using direct quotation marks means that there should be no passages with quotation marks and instead the source material is paraphrased as stated above.  Note that a reference within a reference list cannot exist without an associated in-text citation and vice versa.   
  • Provide the page or paragraph number (required) when using in-text citations.  If using the eBook, use the Section title.
  • You are expected to use the case scenario, Biotech Company Profile, and weekly courses readings to develop the analysis and support the reasoning.   The expectation is that you provide a robust use of the course readings and demonstrate thorough research of the cosmetic industry.  The only external source material used is in relation to the research on the cosmetic industry.  Material used from a source document must be cited and referenced.  A reference within a reference list cannot exist without an associated in-text citation and vice versa. 
  • Use a wide array of the course reading as well as sources from your research.  The research should focus on information related to the cosmetic industry.
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