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After completing the readings, please respond to the following discussion prompts: Are you aware of the invisible structures — or systems — of power that inform our lives? What are some of the ways you see this happening? What about the theories of social constructionism and biological essentialism: How would you explain this to someone unfamiliar with these theories? Can you give some examples of ways that categories like gender, sexuality and race are socially constructed and not biologically essential? What are some examples from your life of the ways in which other people’s expectations of you because of your gender, race or sexuality felt uncomfortable or limiting? Although Black women started the #BlackLivesMatter movement, as your article explains the primary focus is currently on Black men. For years, women and women’s issues have pushed aside in activist movements that aren’t exclusively about women. Why is that and what will it take for social change movements to become truly intersectional? Reflecting back on everything you’ve learned thus far in the class, what questions do you have for your classmates? Find an interesting question one of your classmates has asked and respond to it. 

Student example answers are listed below as well as the readings

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