Go19_ac_ch03_grader_3g_as – workshop rooms 1.0


GO19_AC_CH03_GRADER_3G_AS – Workshop Rooms 1.0


In this project, you will use a database to track workshops and the rooms where the workshops are held at a college. You will create forms, add and delete records by using a form, filter records, and modify a form in Layout view and Design view. You will create reports, modify a report in Layout view and Design view, group data in a report, and keep grouped data together for a printed report.


Start Access. Open the file Student_Access_3G_Workshop_Rooms.accdb downloaded with this project.

  View the relationship between the Rooms table and the Workshops table. One   room can be used for many workshops. Close the Relationships window.


Use   the Form tool to create a form based on the Workshops table. Save the form as   Workshop Form and then display the form in Form   view. Using the Workshop Form, add the following new record to the underlying   Workshops table:





Workshop ID



Workshop Name

Job Portfolio


Room ID



# Registrations



Workshop Category

Guide to Finding a     Job

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