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Instructions: After reading Chapter 10 of the textbox, type responses to questions 1-7 in a word document and submit to the D2L dropbox prior to class on Tuesday. Question #8 requires each housekeeping manager to develop a SOP for a specific daily task/position. The number in parentheses before each task corresponds to a team number (refer to the team presentation chart for your team number, on D2L). Students only need to create an SOP for their assigned task. Bring three hard copies of this SOP to class on Tuesday AND submit an electronic copy into the same D2L dropbox.

  1. Explain the different purposes of the A.M. and P.M. room checks. How can A.M. room checks be conducted to show maximum concern for guests?
  2. Why are forms and symbols so important to the progress of the daily routine in housekeeping departments? Define the following symbols: R. OCC, OOO, MR, T. CO, DND, RFV.
  3. Explain the term discrepancy. What is the difference between a discrepancy and a recheck?
  4. What are the reasons for maintaining a Night Supervisor’s Report of Evening Activities?
  5. During an A.M. room check, a senior housekeeper discovers two rooms thought to be ready rooms that have actually been occupied. What alternatives are available to facilitate this unexpected and additional workload?
  6. List as many tasks as you can that are part of the evening crew’s responsibility. What is the last function normally performed by the night supervisor before securing the housekeeping department for the night? As part of the daily routine what is the primary objective of the evening?
  7. Research hotel housekeeping technology. Report how the concepts described in this chapter apply to the computer operations investigated.
  8. Watch the following housekeeping training video:
    1. Each management team will develop a SOP for their assigned housekeeping task (see below). The SOP should be developed according to the training video and textbook described best practices. Ensure that the SOP is comprehensive, written in a clear manner, and identifies expected standards. Team members will develop their own SOP. Bring three printed copies of the SOP to class on Tuesday. The review question answers can be submitted to the D2L dropbox.

Task Topics:

  • (1) Entering the guestroom
  • Cleaning the guestroom
    • (2) Prepare room for cleaning
    • (3) remove trash and spray bathroom
    • (4) make the bed
    • (5) dust and damp wipe
    • (6) clean the bathroom
    • (7) vacuum
    • (8) inspect your work
    • (9) houseperson duties
    • (10) laundry attendant duties
    • (11) supervisor/inspector duties
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