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This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s presentations and readings.

As a HHS   professional, you will be expected to be familiar with social work, poverty,   and mental health issues affecting social welfare. 

Helping Professions
Use chapter 2 of your textbook to answer the following questions.

1. Social work’s primary mission and the focus of the human services field is to:  
☐ treat people with prejudice
☐ focus on unhealthiness
☐ fight against justice
☐ enhance human well-being

2. It is important to practice demonstrate a high level of _____ and integrity while working in the human services or social work professions
☐ injustice
☐ impulsiveness
☐ change
☐ ethics

3. Respecting a client’s _____ and ______ is a competency within the human service field and social work practice.  
☐ diversity, culture
☐ preference, impulse
☐ training, coping
☐ education, tolerance

4. Many mental health therapists or family law attorneys provide some services pro bono, it means “for the public good: and _____.
☐ with high fees
☐ out of a client’s reach
☐ for free
☐ too costly

5. It is important for human service workers to respect a client’s ______.
☐ wants
☐ confidentiality
☐ fantasy
☐ anger



Poverty, Income Assistance, and Homelessness
Use chapter 7 of your textbook to answer the following questions.

6. Many people who need social welfare services live below the federal _____.
☐ poverty line
☐ umbrella blanket
☐ destination location
☐ geography code

7. Human Service professionals (including social workers) must treat all clients, including those living in poverty, with _____ and _______, and work to empower them to be in charge of their own lives. 

☐ ease, tolerance
☐ indifference, remorse
☐ tolerance, difference
☐ dignity, respect

8. It is important for human service workers and social workers to become an ____on behalf of and fight for the rights of homeless individuals who are in need of help.
☐ advocate
☐ boss
☐ enforcer
☐ reinforcer

9. More people who experience _____ are more likely to be homeless; with families comprising the fastest growing segment of homeless populations.
☐ poverty
☐ wealth
☐ growth
☐ fear

10. ____________ is considered to be one of the root causes of homeless.  
☐ too much work
☐ lack of affordable housing
☐ being stressed out
☐ living in fear



Critical Thinking Questions
Answer the following questions accurately in your own words. Use course resources from your readings and the internet to answer the question. Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

11. Clients often experience challenges in many areas of their lives. One’s culture, how they socialize and environmental factors can contribute to issues and challenges that clients can face. Identify and list one challenge you have faced in the past, and in one paragraph describe how you have overcome it.

Type  answer here

12. Practicing self-care is very important if you work in the human services field. HHS workers often experience clients who are in crisis. Self-care supports the HHS worker as a preventative measure and helps them cope in the field. Self-care includes but is not limited to stress-management, maintaining good nutrition, exercise, sleep and having a proper work/life balance. Explain two (2) ways that you care for yourself by practicing self-care strategies. 

Type  answer here

Type  answer here

13. Many clients who receive social welfare services experience poverty. Poverty means the household income is not adequate compared to a certain standard. The federal government established the Federal Poverty Income Limit (FPIL) every year; which determines the amount of income required for individuals and families to satisfy their minimum living needs. In order to qualify for many social services resources, people have to meet the federal poverty guidelines by having income limits within the FPIL. The FPIL for 48 states was $11,670 annually per person and $23,850 for a family of four in 2014. Identify whether you feel the federal poverty guidelines are accurate or fair. Explain whether or not you agree with them. 

Type  answer here

Type  answer here

14.  People with mental health issues often are stigmatized and stereotyped which causes them sometimes to not seek the mental health services they need. Describe two (2) ways you can help clients with mental health issues to feel comfortable and empower them to seek out services? 

Type  answer here

Type  answer here

15. It’s important to consider rights of clients who have mental health disorders. Sometimes clients with severe mental health disorders are placed or committed in mental health institutions against their will; especially if they are a threat to themselves or others. Explain, in one paragraph, whether you believe clients who are violent with severe mental health disorders should be forced to undergo mandatory drug treatment or electric shock treatment? 

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Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below. You may choose to respond in writing or by recording a video!

16. Individuals living at or below the Federal poverty level have reduced access and availability of resources to help them be successful. Identify three (3) challenges that people living in poverty might face while trying to improve their situation. Then explain two (2) strategies or social welfare service agencies that can help overcome these individuals’ situations. 




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Success Strategy or Social   Welfare Service Agency


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