Linear programming model excel solution module 2 p2 30 p2 34 p2 40

Problem 2-30
 A warehouse storage building company must determine how many storage sheds of each size—large or small—to build in its new 8,000-square-foot facility to maximize rental income. Each large shed is 150 square feet in size, requires $1 per week in advertising, and rents for $50 per week. Each small shed is 50 square feet in size, requires $1 per week in advertising, and rents for $20 per week. The company has a weekly advertising budget of $100 and estimates that it can rent no more than 40 large sheds in any given week.

Problem 2-34
 A plumbing manufacturer makes two lines of bathtubs, model A and model B. Every tub requires blending a certain amount of steel and zinc; the company has available a total of 24,500 pounds of steel and 6,000 pounds of zinc. Each model A bath-tub requires a mixture of 120 pounds of steel and 20 pounds of zinc, and each yields a profit of $90. Each model B tub produced can be sold for a profit of $70; it requires 100 pounds of steel and 30 pounds of zinc. To maintain an adequate supply of both models, the manufacturer would like the number of model A tubs made to be no more than 5 times the number of model B tubs. Find the best product mix of bathtubs.

Problem 2-40

 A photocopy machine company produces three types of laser printers—the Print Jet, the Print Desk, and the Print Pro—the sale of which earn profits of $60, $90, and $73, respectively. The Print Jet requires 2.9 hours of assembly time and 1.4 hours of testing time. The Print Desk requires 3.7 hours of assem-bly time and 2.1 hours of testing time. The Print Pro requires 3 hours of assembly time and 1.7 hours of testing time. The company wants to ensure that Print
 Desk constitutes at least 15% of the total production and Print Jet and Print Desk together constitute at least 40% of the total production. There are 3,600
 hours of assembly time and 2,000 hours of testing time available for the month. What combination of Print Jet, the Print Desk, and the Print Pro.

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