Modernism and the harlem renaissance


The Modernist movement and the Harlem Renaissance both emerged in the early 20th century. Both of these movements fundamentally changed American literature, but they were very different in their goals, methods, and styles and in the communities they served. In some cases, they were influenced by the same social trends; in other cases they were writing in response to very different trends and experiences.

Create a 12- to 16-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that sorts out those two complex movements.

Address the following in your presentation:

  • Identify the major authors and works of the Modernist movement.
  • Identify the major authors and works of the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Describe how the Modernist movement affected American literature and culture.
  • Describe how the Harlem Renaissance affected American literature and culture.
  • Analyze which political, economic, technological, and ideological factors shaped these movements.
  • Explain how each of the movements was new.
  • Analyze how these two movements related to one another. As you address this final point, you might consider the following questions:
  • Were these movements completely distinct and independent of each other? Or did they both respond to similar social forces?
  • Is the Harlem Renaissance just a subset of Modernism?
  • Is Modernism a rejection of the social focus of the Harlem Renaissance?

Integrate photos, illustrations, or multimedia according to your own creative ideas. Document the source of each media item you include.

Format your presentation as directed by your instructor. Include citations in the speaker notes or in a separate reference or works-cited list.

Deliver your presentation, and submit your presentation file or link to the Assignment Files tab.

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