needed by friday morning

  1. Search for a video on YouTube. 
  2. Use the search terms: YouTube plagiarism and YouTube paraphrasing
  3. Locate and watch a video for each term.
  4. You should have two separate videos: one for plagiarism and one for paraphrasing.
  5. Based on your research, write a one-paragraph summary for each video, focusing on the key themes covered and how they relate to assignments (e.g. discussion postings, reports) this semester in our class.
  6. Include a link to the appropriate video at the end of the two initial paragraphs in your write-up.
  7. Review the UMUC Policy on Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism.
  8. Describe in a one paragraph how a student in this course can violate this policy, based upon assignments (e.g., discussion postings, reports, quizzes, exams, and all other submissions) this semester in this class.
  9. Describe in one paragraph how you will comply with the policy, based upon the assignments (e.g., discussion postings, reports, quizzes, exams, and all other submissions) this semester in this class.

Report Requirements

  1. Your four-paragraph, one full page report should be unique to this course.  A full page typically has at least 300 words.  Please do not refer to any other written documents or materials other than the items specified above.
  2. You may include brief comments on similar experiences from other classes at UMUC if you had a class where a different assignment related to academic dishonesty was used but please be certain to write four paragraphs to complete each of the four goals above.
  3. Include your name on your report and in name of the file you save and submit in the assignment folder for Week 1 Academic Honesty Assignment.
  4. Your report must be specific to this class, and not a copy of a report you created previously. Use examples of activities in this accounting course in your report and use the name and section number of this course:  ACCT #### ####.
  5. If you have recently completed this assignment in a different Accounting course you can build on the report you created at that time but your submission must specifically reference this class, ACCT ### and our assignments.
  6. Similar to all reports and submissions in our course, use single spacing with double spacing between paragraphs.
  7. Write this assignment in your own words except for specific names of resources.
  8. It is not necessary to indent your paragraphs since you will be using single spacing with double spacing between block style paragraphs (a business report).
  9. If you have any questions, please ask your professor.
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