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Patient or nurse advocacy is one of the professional nursing care practices that nursing organizations all over the globe promote as being important. Along with demonstrating the professional capacity of nursing, it contributes to the provision of excellent nursing care. Patient advocacy has expanded to include a broader variety of activities nowadays. For example, defending patients against immoral and unlawful behaviors was just a small component of the overall patient advocacy effort in the past (Ware, et al., 2011). Supporting and empowering patients is a primary objective, but this approach will not eliminate the larger challenges of patient advocacy, and the patient’s advocate should focus on the systemic issues of treatment and administrative institutions. Protecting patients’ rights and well-being in clinical trials, assisting organ donors, and protecting their basic freedoms are all included in this category (Davoodvand, et al., 2016).

                Making improvements to the general health and well-being of the workers is a critical demand in the medical industry. Improved working conditions and a culture of self-advocacy among healthcare workers may reduce burnout and turnover among nurses and other allied health professionals, which will ultimately result in improved patient care as a result (Kerley, et al., 2021). Despite the fact that nurses in the United States expect future advantages as a consequence of healthcare system reform, the stress of today’s workplace rests primarily on the shoulders of nurses who provide treatment at the point of service. Nurses must fight for the profession’s intended future if they are to realize the rewards of the present. The involvement of all nurses in the development of processes in their different work environments is critical if they are to advocate for realistic improvements that satisfy the requirements of both patients and staff (Tomajan, 2012).

                It is an exciting moment to be a nurse in today’s society. Healthcare is evolving, and the function and practice of the professional nurse is transforming together with it.  Taking up advocacy tasks is becoming more crucial in today’s rapidly evolving society. There are several opportunities for nurses to advocate on behalf of patients as well as for the profession. In order to maintain their public perception of nursing as the most trusted profession, nurses must communicate their contributions to healthcare and society, as well as advocate for a more truthful portrayal of their role in the profession. It is also crucial for nurses to advocate for the themselves in order to enhance the profession as a whole. The ability to have a good influence on the profession exists for every nurse in every environment, and it is achieved via advocating on a daily basis for their patients and the nursing profession in general (Tomajan, 2012).  

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