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 Week 2 – Assignment 1 Define the Current State

           Process Improvement Methodologies Mode

This week you will select a process improvement project to work on during this course. There are four parts to this mini-project that students will do throughout this course (read all four parts due Week 2, 4, 6, and 8  In the Course Materials section  there is a file with all 4 parts to easily print

In week two you will do assignment 1 define the current state.

You should select something at work (i.e. a process or quality issue that can be pursued to help grow your career) or it may be something that will simply make your life easier at home (i.e. getting ready in the morning/evening for work, cooking a meal, etc.).     

I am not going to go through all the parts of Assignment one they are in week 2’s dropbox.  But here are some hints to get a better grade.  Select a project that you have control over all the parts.  Read the assignment carefully and do not skip any parts.  Be particularly careful with part 4 map the process and the lessons learned.  Most students stumble on these parts.


4.      Map Process – Select any of the mapping tools covered in your textbook, supplemental articles, or lecture in the Week 2 lesson. This map of your selected process should be detailed enough that others could follow your process and have the same result or output as you.

a.       Identify the outputs and customers for the process.

b.      Identify inputs and suppliers for the process.

c.       Map the tasks and decisions needed to transform the inputs into the outputs for the process.

d.      Define customer expectations for performance for this process (translate these goals and objectives into measureable metrics for the process). Include what the current metrics or measures of performance are operating at for this process. Students must have at least 3 metrics or measures for their process.

5.      Verify Accuracy – Walk through the process definition, map, and metrics with other process owners or stakeholders relative to your selected process. Explain how this process was verified and updated from their feedback.

6.      Identify Lessons Learned – Include challenges and experiences while doing this assignment. Generalize what you learned for use in later process improvement projects. 


).  This submission should be in APA format with all references cited appropriately (please see example paper (Assignment 1), furtherexamples are in the lesson action items

 There is an example on the attachment 

Full project is on the second attachment .


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