Project 4: develop the training and operations plan

Instructions attached!!!

Please use this template for the written portion (Microsoft Word) of Project 4.  Remember to address all items on the template in enough details that I can tell you understand the associated competency.

Professor’s Notes:

This week you are beginning to Develop a Training and Operations Plan for the BallotsOnline cloud.  Project 4 has two parts.  A 5-8 slide PowerPoint presentation for cloud user and admin training, AND  an 8-10 page Cloud Operations Plan (Microsoft Word).  It is important to note that all the work you do will be part of the final report. Keep that in mind as you progress, and your final runbook will come together a lot faster.  PLEASE click down to step 7 and review the competencies that are required on the final project.  This will help you ensure you are capturing all the required elements as you do your research and writing over the next three weeks.   

This week you are deploying the AWS Service Catalog as described in Step 2.  Remember that you are deploying these services so that you can ultimately prepare a training presentation and Operations Plan.  Document the deployment steps for the Admin Training presentation you are creating for Project 4.

you are beginning to assemble key deliverables for your Project 4 Submission.  In this week you are preparing a PowerPoint Training Presentation for the different elements of cloud user and cloud admin use of the AWS Service Catalog., AND you are starting to prepare a Microsoft Word Cloud Operations End-User Guide.  Per the instructions, your presentation and guide should include key information related to cloud use for BallotOnline users as well as administration for the admins.  Your presentation should be five to eight slides long.  Narration is not required; however, you need to add narration text as notes on each slide.  This will be a required element for your Project 4 submission, so I recommend you start doing adding that element now.  Remember your Audience!  You are preparing a presentation for people that do not have a deep IT background.  Make sure your presentation takes this into account. 

The second part for this week is to create your first draft of the Cloud Operations End-User Guide.  This will be part of the Cloud Operations Plan that you will submit as part of Project 4.  The End-User guide Template in Step 5 gives you some guidance on this activity.  Remember, this is only one part of your final Operation Plan, so keep your length reasonable.

As always, pay attention to the competencies for Project 4 and study the learning objectives to make sure you are addressing the appropriate topics.

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