Question 1 & 2 | Law homework help

Question 1

#3: (Contract & UCC Case Analysis) (Due at the end of Module 5)


Read CASE BRIEF 11.6


Home Basket Co., LLC v. Pampered Chef, Ltd.

55 UCC Rep.Serv.2d 792 (D. Kan. 2005)

Analyze the case and respond to the questions at the end of the case. Consider the new UCC regarding e-commerce transactions In this case, the court referred the case to arbitration, however, in your paper, discuss the issues that the court would have had to consider if it had not gone to arbitration.

In addition, discuss the history of e-commerce and the social trends that have impacted the changes in the UCC laws. Finally, consider an example of how e-commerce laws have impacted your own life.

The paper should be four to five pages long.

  • The paper should be in APA 6th Ed. format:
    • Assignment cover page
    • Content of the Paper
    • Reference section

Question 2 


The Hangover Part II has been a hotbed of intellectual property issues.  Warner Brothers recently settled a lawsuit brought by the tattoo artist who did Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo that was then replicated on a character in the movie.  Please read Problem 4 on page 549 of the book (Chapter 15) and answer the following questions:

What is the issue in the use of trademarked products in artistic works?

Why is Louis Vuitton so concerned about the use of its products in a film such as the Hangover Part II?

Refer to the MBA Discussions power point presentation for tips on how to gain maximum learning and points from your discussion engagement.

  • Your participation preparation document should be a substantive response to the question (minimum 250-300 words) in the participation assignment for the week. It should be substantive and scholarly in nature including academically appropriate references (unless you are asked to provide your opinion or a personal reflection on a specific question).
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