Unit 16 visual merchandising assignment 1

 This essay covers Unit 16 Visual Merchandising – Assignment 1. It examines the visual merchandising techniques used by Primark and Curry’s PC World, by considering the effectiveness of the visual merchandising in each. It explores how to promote the sale of products and services by the way they are presented in retail outlets; combining product, environment and space into a stimulating and engaging display to encourage the sale of a product or service; the physical display of goods in the most attractive manner possible. Then it evaluates the extent to which visual merchandising contribute to the success of those two businesses. At the end there is a balanced conclusion, which look both at the positive and negative aspects of VM. This work covers all of the criteria required to achieve distinction as well as the correct structure and layout needed to reach those high grades. Just follow the content, it will save you time and help you effortlessly achieve distinctions. Content covered: P1 Investigate the visual merchandising and display techniques that can be used in retail outlets. P2 Explain how visual merchandising is affected by legal and safety regulations. 

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