Unit iv essay mba 6053 | MBA 6053 – Economics for Managers | Columbia Southern University

      International trade can have big effects on domestic markets. For  both an import good and an export good (in other words, address each  bulleted item below twice—once for import and once for export), describe  how opening up to international trade affects the following:      

  • supply or demand for the particular good, 
  • the competitiveness of that good’s market, and 
  • how the change in competitiveness affects equilibrium price and quantity. 

    Stepping away from the import/export examples, describe how opening  up to trade specifically affects a domestic monopoly. Include an  explanation, using game theory, of how even a single additional  competitor can lead to a market outcome similar to perfect competition.           Your essay must be at least three pages in length (not counting the  title and references pages) and include at least three peer-reviewed  resources. Adhere to APA Style when writing your essay, including  citations and references for sources used. Be sure to include an  introduction. Please note that no abstract is needed.           If you need help identifying peer-reviewed publications, review the CSU Online Library resources      Peer-Reviewed Resources and      video How to Find Peer-Reviewed Resources (     Transcript for Peer-Reviewed Resources video).     

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