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Questions 1-7 of 7 | Page 1 of 1Question 1 (2 points)

Which of the following statement about weather modification is correct?

a. The seeding agents may be potientially harmful to environment.

b. The weather modification is to increase the total precipitation water received by the earth ground.

c. Modifification is only effective when precipitation is about to start or already started.

d. Weather modification only works for rain, not effective for snow falls.

Question 2 (2 points)

Acid rain has a pH of: 

a. lower than 7

b. greater than 7

c. lower than 5.6

d. greater than 5.6

Question 3 (4 points)

List at least two human activities that lead to acid rain:

Your answer:Question 4 (2 points)

In general, which region does the tropical cyclone originate from?

a. Mid latitude regions

b. Equator

c. Poles

d. All of above

Question 5 (4 points)

List three hazards generally associated with hurricanes:

Question 6

Explain how climate change place impacts on water cycle:

Your answer:Question 7 (2 points)

Which of the following statement is correct about the US precipitation pattern changes due to climate change?

a. Wetter regions become wetter

b. Drought condition become less intense

c. Precipitation tends to shift from northeast to southwest

d. All above

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