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One of the main goals of this class is to apply research and documentation methods. As we learn the different patterns of development in this class, we also need to prepare for academic writing you will do in future courses. Thus, it is important that you engage the basics of documentation. We use MLA format, mainly, in this class, although others do exist. Another format is APA style, which is commonly used in psychology, social science, and other courses. For this discussion, we will look at the two of the most basic entries: the single author book entry and the single-author article entry from the library database.

Review the information I’ve posted under PAGES for more information and guidelines on using APA format. 

POST ONE: Complete the following two reference citations, based on the examples below
Example (1):  Study the format below, then locate a single-author book and create your own entry. Please be aware that your textbook is NOT a single author book, so it should not be used for this purpose.


Last name [comma], Initial(s) of first/middle name [period] Date published (in parentheses) [period] Title of book in italics [period] Place of publication [colon] Publisher [period]

McWhorter, J. (2003). Doing our own thing: The degradation of language and music. New York, NY: Gotham Books

Go to the online library and access ProQuest. Locate an article by a single author on the subject of Human Resources and create your own entry. Search only for full text options. ( )

Last name [comma], Initial(s) of first/middle name [period] Date published (in parentheses) [period] Title of article [period] Title of journal and volume number in italics (issue of paginated by issue) [comma] page numbers [period] Retrieved date and name of database.

Bogart, S. (2009). Mardi Gras in the Crescent City. The Mardi Gras Journal, 115, 83-87. Retrieved June 23, 2009, from ProQuest database.

After creating your two entries, discuss in 150 words, the following:

What challenges did you meet in creating the reference entry for this discussion
What similarities or differences did you note when creating this entry as opposed to creating the single-author book entry?

Your initial post should be up by Thursday. 

For additional APA information, please access the following site:

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