Week 6 bus320: e-commerce and e-business


Week 6 Class Discussion topic comes from — Chapter 7 “Social, Mobile and Local Marketing” 

This class expects you to contribute two times:


Your contribution one answer one item only out of three items below :

Item #1: Section 7.2 “Social Marketing” discusses six platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Linkedin.  Have you used anyone of them?  If yes, describe what marketing tools and marketing features have been used by that platform (please pick one out of six platforms that you like the most, given you may actively use all six).

Item #2: Section 7.3 “Mobile Marketing” reveals —

“because people carry their mobile devices with them everywhere, they make for an ideal marketing tool because marketers can contact consumers just about anytime and anyplace.”

What would you recommend if your potentical employer interviews you on how to start a mobile campaign for his/her company that you readlly want to work for?

Item #3: Section 7.4 “Local and Location-Based Mobile Marketing”  states that Location-based marketing targets messages to consumers based on their actual physical location. This is inherently a mobile device situation because mobile phones and tablets can be precisely located by latitude and longitude. 

Besides GPS, what are other technologies that make location-based marketing possible?


Your contribution twocomment on one of your classmates’ posting on his/her contribution one


You will earn 2 points from completed your contribution one (please list section topic first, ie, Item #2: Section 7.3 “Mobile Marketing” followed by your answer).

You will earn 2 points from completed your contribution two (please provide that lassmate’s name at the beginning of your response. Everybody would benefit more if we can follow discussion thread exactly. Otherwise, you will not receive a full 2 points).


You are expected to study Chapter 7, or at least to study slides from Chapter 7 carefully. You can find chapter slides under “Files”.

Always, you must Unicheck before your posting.

-Professor Dai

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