Would a career in science suit me?

Well, to answer this question, LIYSF is going to launch the webinars! These will be 1 hr sessions to get a flavour of London International Youth Science Forum and access to our speakers. We are elated to share with you just a little slice of LIYSF in this way. 

No matter whether you are new to LIYSF, a student considering to attend or an alumni, this session has a wide range of relevant content, see more details below.




Register to join us on the 30th July for our first London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) webinar.


· Hear from Richard Myhill , LIYSF Director, about the exciting programme for the 62nd LIYSF which will take place in July 2021, with updates on our world renowned speakers from a wide range of science and engineering fields and how you can apply.

· Hear from LIYSF alumni who will talk about their experiences at the forum, what they learnt and how LIYSF has helped them in their careers in science.

· Live lecture from our President, Clare Elwell, award-winning Professor of Medical Physics at UCL. Her lecture will show how a team of engineers and clinicians teamed up with Mercedes Formula1 to rapidly develop a novel breathing aid to help to save Covid-19 patients.


· Question and answer session where you can engage directly with the panelists. 

Places are limited, register today at:


The webinar will take place via zoom, with registration on Eventbrite. After registration on Eventbrite we will send across the zoom link (please keep an eye on your spam folder), but you can also click through on the Eventbrite confirmation in your mail to obtain the zoom link, register on zoom and also save in your calendar.

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