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For this essay, you’ll be working with “Paying Patients for Their Tissue: The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks” and “I’m Pro-Life and Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research,” write an essay addressing the following prompt:

How would Watts/Willke most likely respond to the arguments presented in “Paying Patients for Their Tissue: The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks”? Consider the claims, assumptions, implied values, etc., that are presented in “I’m Pro-Life and Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research,”, and how they align (or not) with those found in the Lacks text.

To answer this question, you’ll need to thoroughly analyze your chosen texts and have a solid understanding of the main claims being made by both. Present your answer as an argument, using specific evidence from both texts to support your ideas.

For this essay, be careful not to focus too much on the obvious or surficial similarities/ differences between the texts, as such connections typically do not call for substantial analysis. Instead, try to explore the deeper meaning to be found “between the lines,” as a means to understand the assumptions (warrants) on which each text is based.

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